Carers Death Cafe Volunteer

The Death Cafe is a well-established and global model that brings people together to talk about issues relating to death, funeral, loss and bereavement. It is a participant led conversation. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session and attendees can discuss whatever is weighing on your heart and mind.
In running a virtual Carers Death café, we want to give carers, who may benefit from conversations or have questions around matters relating to death, dying, grief and bereavement, a safe space for what can be very deep, practical and personal journey.
The role: Welcoming people to the Death Cafe and introducing the session Ensuring, during the discussion, that our guidelines are respected especially regarding tolerance for others' views Bringing people into the discussion if you think they want to say something moving the discussion on if things get stuck managing any difficult situations. Fortunately, these instances are very rare keeping a log of attendance figures Ensuring that service users can be speak freely without being interrupted.
All potential volunteer to facilitate this virtual death café is encouraged to read more about the death here:
Facilitation is essential to Death Cafe. This role can be summarised as making people feel safe to talk about death. Death Cafes tend to be very nice to facilitate - everyone there wants to talk about death and most have a lot to say. In the Death Cafe there are no hierarchies.

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Carers Network provides a tailored service to unpaid carers; supporting them to identify their needs and empowering them to make informed choices for themselves and the person they care for.
Core services include:Information - carers are offered an initial assessment and information about carers rights through to a Statutory Carers Assessment.
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