Photography Volunteer - Online

We are looking for an expert in photography who is passionate about their work to facilitate a series of online session. Do you know how to capture the perfect photo, and can teach these techniques to others, demonstrating how to modify the gradient, ambience, and lighting?
You may wish to encourage carers to take their own photos and discuss the stories and emotions behind their chosen images. Our aim is to bring carers together who share an interest in photography to discuss their photos, learn knowledge from an experienced volunteer, and collaborate to form a social group with a difference.
Facilitate a weekly or biweekly photography group for two to six sessions, based upon your availability and planned itinerary Create a therapeutic and welcoming atmosphere where carers can forget their caring role for an hour You will have a real passion for photography, and have the capacity to teach and mentor others whilst developing carers creativity You will plan an itinerary of how the classes will be carried out and encourage carers to capture images, and discussion where appropriate.

About Carers Network - Kensington and Chelsea

Carers Network is an independent charity. Our vision is that every unpaid carer is recognised and leads a healthy, fulfilling life with control over their caring role.
Carers Network provides a tailored service to unpaid carers; supporting them to identify their needs and empowering them to make informed choices for themselves and the person they care for.
Core services include:Information - carers are offered an initial assessment and information about carers rights through to a Statutory Carers Assessment.
Specialist Support: We have an enhanced level of support, which may involve more in-depth casework, and advocacy.
Counselling Service: Carers are offered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions by a qualified and experienced therapist. And much more!

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