Financial Director

We are looking for a volunteer to help us shape the venture from the financial aspect.
At present we are all working on a voluntary basis and planning to become a sustainable company in the future.
The role is very flexible and would suit an experienced person who enjoys organising, planning and looking after accounts, within a creative setting.
Tasks will include: Meetings with the art director and community leader to discuss budgeting and process and funding applications.This role can be carried out remotely.
This is a voluntary role that can become a job for an individual (or job share) in the future.

About The UCAN Cic

UCAN Cic is a creative space which provides support for local residents to get involved in various collaborative projects.
A large portion of our community is marginalised because of lack of support and adequate meeting space conducive to wellbeing and creativity. We provide the following:
We have supported about 5000 individuals
>Organised three inclusive multimedia art exhibitions and three social events
>Partnership with other local organisations.

Times you can volunteer

Monday: Afternoons, Evenings

Tuesday: Mornings