Gardening Volunteer (Lancaster West)

Lancaster West (North Kensington) This gardening project will be an opportunity to Love wildlife and wild places. It will also help to improve the community space so that more residents can grow their own fruit and vegetables to create a more cohesive community, this in turn can help tackle isolation and promote PTSD mindfulness. The gardening project can also help with the reduction of food waste and promote volunteering.
>Improve community spaces and encourage a sustainable garden
>To better understand the communities needs
> For residents to have ownership of this project
> To have volunteers helping with caring for their garden • Educate children and adults on how plants, herbs and flowers all grow
> To get more residents to compost more and reduce waste
> To promote healthy eating
> Planting to encourage plants and insects
> To encourage inter-generational activities

About Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team

The Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team manages 840 properties on the Lancaster West Estate and Bramley House. The Neighbourhood team want Lancaster West Estate residents views on what we want them to do over the next three years and how we want them to act. They are developing a three year strategy which will guide the work that they do and how they do it. This needs to be based on what we, the residents, want.

Times you can volunteer

Wednesday: Afternoons, Evenings

Thursday: Mornings