Butterfly Literacy Teacher and Teaching Assistant
1 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove

Our Butterfly Reading Programme is delivered to children through direct, inter-active, whole class, scripted, and structured teaching. Children are placed into classes based on their reading age not their calendar age, determined by a pre-test. Priority is given to teaching how-to -read by synthetic phonics, with The Butterfly Book. Butterfly Grammar follows. Then it’s on to elevated levels of comprehension and literary appreciation with The Junior Butterfly Reader.
Children are given follow-up tests to determine if they are ready to move on to higher level classes. We also use these tests to measure progress. Up through the classes the children fly! The method is unique to our charity.
Teachers will lead in classes of up to 15 children, they are supported by at least one teaching assistant. All course material is provided.
Classes: Saturdays 10am-12pm term time only.

About Real Action: transforming lives through literacy

We continue to provide highly effective literacy classes for adults, teens and children, in addition to our English language classes for adults. Our work has had a transformative impact on the lives of thousands of individuals and on the wider community we are now seeking to spread the Butterfly Effect further, so that others may benefit from it too.

Times you can volunteer

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