Artist in Residence

Bevington Primary School in North Kensington is looking for an artistic and imaginative volunteer. As an Artist in residence you will be supporting and inspiring pupils in developing their art skills across a range of media.
Working with different classed or year groups to develop art projects from start to finish so that pupils can gain knowledge, skills and understanding in art. Pupils work in 2 and 3D and their projects are linked to themes and topics within the wider curriculum.
They are also given the opportunity to do artist study and have previously utilised the galleries and museums locally to see the work of key artists in situ. We want to develop their skills in drawing, painting, textiles, photography and clay so that they not only produce high quality outcomes but find joy from the process of creating them.

About Bevington Primary School

Bevington Primary School is located in North Kensington. Our school community builds intelligent, confident pupils who flourish in an open, welcoming and stimulating learning environment. We have high expectations and strive to ensure that every child feels like they belong. We deliver an exciting curriculum. Pupils excel across all subjects, especially in languages, music and drama. Pupils are always polite, helpful and ready to become socially active citizens of the future.

Times you can volunteer

Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings