Green fingers needed!!
Bevington School is looking for a volunteer to develop the school's garden areas to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables grown.
Regular planting and maintenance of the school's gardens in order to improve the yield of food crops. Produce grown will be used by pupils in lessons to understand the link between science and gardening. It will also be used within food technology lessons to understand sustainability, the value of local produce and healthy eating choices. Demonstrating and teaching pupils gardening skills would also be desirable.

About Bevington Primary School

Bevington Primary School is located in North Kensington. Our school community builds intelligent, confident pupils who flourish in an open, welcoming and stimulating learning environment. We have high expectations and strive to ensure that every child feels like they belong. We deliver an exciting curriculum. Pupils excel across all subjects, especially in languages, music and drama. Pupils are always polite, helpful and ready to become socially active citizens of the future.

Times you can volunteer

Tuesday: Afternoons, Evenings

Wednesday: Afternoons, Evenings

Thursday: Mornings