Youth Club Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to work with our Juniors (ages 8-11) at our youth club. Tuesdays or Fridays: 15:00-18:00
Volunteers will help walk children from local primary schools to the Harrow Club for our youth club provision. Volunteers can support youth workers to play with children, help with the homework club, music project, drama project or in new projects of their choosing.

About Harrow Club W10 - North Kensington

The Harrow Club has a rich and vibrant history, which feeds into what the community centre is today. The Harrow Mission is a charitable organisation founded in 1883 due to a recognised need for provision in what first Missioner William Law described as a ‘forlorn, neglected and desolate’ area. The energy behind the Club has always come from a desire to improve the quality of life for local people, aiding social harmony and promoting opportunity.
The Harrow Club has adapted as times have changed without ever losing sight of its founding principle. We are confident that the commitment of our staff, trustees, and volunteers, as well as the enthusiasm of members themselves, will ensure that the Club will be well equipped to continue serving its community into the future.

Times you can volunteer

Tuesday: Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings

Friday: Afternoons, Evenings