Volunteering on Prescription

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Volunteering on Prescription is for people with stable mental health needs, who are receiving support from their GP or from carers. Clients must be from Kensington and Chelsea, Queens Park and Paddington area. 


You can sign up for at least 5 different activities such as:

  • Community team volunteering such as play day with children, gardening within your community, reading groups, community events, arts and creative activities
  • Training and workshop such as stress management, confidence  building, communication skills, mentoring and peer support
  • Well-being awareness campaigns – Mental Health Awareness Week, Learning Disability Awareness Week, Well-being Days etc

You can also get involved in co-designing different volunteering activities or delivering them!


This project will support you to:

  1. Improve your skills, knowledge, self-confidence and attitudes leading to personal and professional development
  2. Create social opportunities
  3. Become empowered to take responsibility for own well-being through helping others
  4. Increase knowledge on ways to well-being and keeping motivated

If you would like to improve your health and well-being we can prescribe ways to be more active, less isolated and more connected with others.


Your role would be to:

  • Care for your community and reach a sense of achievement through voluntary work
  • Learn and develop new skills participating in training and workshops
  • Get involved and help developing more activities for other people
  • Be a well-being ambassador and talk with other people about health and well-being


How to access the project:

You can refer yourself by contacting Volunteering on Prescription team or completing the form on this website. Alternatively you can also ask your GP or other professional involved in your care to refer you to our team.

Get in touch to develop your own well-being plan and begin your new journey for a more active and fulfilling life.

Tel: 020 8960 3722 or email: Louisa Schepes - louisa.sch@vckc.org.uk


If you would like more information on activities that are taking place this month, click here to download our November programme.


You can also click the link below to view past activity programmes.

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