Poetic Memories From Our Clothes Upcycling Class

Our weekly upcycling classes are a great source of joy and creative inspiration. This poem was written by members of this ‘Words on Our Clothes’ group, a group of women and girls who meet on Monday evenings in our local area North Kensington to upcycle clothes, in a safe space, to talk, engage in creative writing, relax and have fun. It is intended to capture the spirit of women and girls coming together in a modern and vibrant way. Hence it has a friendly and inviting tone, and uses informal language to enhance the contemporary feel. The poem reflects a sense of inclusivity and diversity, celebrating the talents and interests of the group. It was written as a group, co created, and structured to resemble that of a sonnet with 14 lines, but it doesn’t strictly adhere to the traditional sonnet form (like Shakespearean). This deviation from a strict structure creates an informal and conversational style of the poem which synergises with the energy of the group.

The poem also introduces various themes such as creativity, sustainability, and the importance of community. The use of vivid imagery, colour, and highlights the group’s activities i.e. upcycling, crocheting, and knitting adds depth and liveliness to the poem. Overall, this piece can be considered a modern interpretation of a sonnet, breaking away from traditional constraints to capture the essence of a contemporary community.

This was written by Jane, Quincey, Rachel, Mieko, Zara, Zay, Elisabette, Matan, Emily, Maria, Joy and Ilaria, facilitated by I Sis.

Our Sonnet [No1]

Come ye, gather around, winter is coming and it’s getting cold, bring your talents all you witches.

Wondrous women of the West, we West London’s finest, multicultural, multicoloured, we love art and paint and all colours blue, green, yellow, black, orange purple and pink.

We come together to up cycle clothing, to re use, embellish and adorn with buttons, sequins, glitter, using threads to make elaborate stitches. We spend time together, creating and sharing and we don’t just talk about sewing wink, wink.

Inspired by our experiences, the sights and sounds all around, the seasons, weather, animals, flowers and trees.

We’re adventurous, we use all kinds of fabrics and wool, we love to crochet and knit. Our ethos is sustainability, we love our planet, the beauty of our natural environment, the shades of the grass, each unique sunflower, and the brilliance of bees.

Each of us working on our own projects, bringing skills, knowledge, experiences, womanity’s wisdom and wit.

We drink, we eat.

Chat as a group or in threes, fours and in pairs.

It’s important to spend this time together with other women (and girls) to take time for ourselves, enjoy a treat.

It’s a time to just be, to take time, to breathe and let go of our burdens and cares.

Our Words on Our Clothes, it’s local for us locals, a great place to meet.

It’s a space to get to know other members of our community, and so now we have more people on our streets to greet.

Join Us Next Time

Our clothing upcycling classes are run by our Notting Dale Champions programme and if you want to join us next time, please contact Ewa at email hidden; JavaScript is required.