Meet Our Trustee Bashir Hassan

Reflecting on my journey as a trustee at Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea (VCKC), I’m reminded of how my involvement began somewhat serendipitously. My initial engagement with VCKC came from a captivating conversation with the CEO, Michael Ashe. He pointed out that, like the vast majority of charities, VCKC’s board members were almost all over 30, so having a new member under-25 would provide an alternative perspective and help the governance of the organisation to better reflect the community it serves. Realising I had much to learn about the voluntary and community sector, and its committed leaders who have sustained its existence, I decided to join. The learning curve has been steep, yet the experience has been immensely rewarding.

Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea stands as a cornerstone in our borough, facilitating meaningful connections between local residents, charitable organisations and the governing bodies. Its role in mobilising these diverse groups towards a unified goal of enhancing our community’s well-being is what makes the trustee position so rewarding. The philosophy of “Many voices. Working together. With purpose” perfectly encapsulates the essence of our mission at VCKC, a mission that I am deeply passionate about as a trustee.

My tenure as a trustee has been a journey of continuous growth and discovery, facilitated by the inspiring collective of individuals that make up our board and staff. The diversity of thought, the shared commitment to our cause, and the joy of contributing to something larger than ourselves are what make being a trustee at VCKC an incredibly fulfilling experience. Every meeting, every decision, brings new insights and reaffirms my commitment to our cause, making each moment as a trustee a valuable opportunity for personal and communal development.

Bashir Hassan

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, we are currently looking for both a new Chair and Trustee to join our Board of Trustees.

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