Liz On The New Year and New Opportunities

New Year, New Opportunities!

There is something I always love about the New Year. Although the 1st Jan is, in reality, just a date in the calendar, and I suppose that nothing really changes when Big Ben strikes 12, in my head something does change… for me, the New Year is an opportunity to ‘reset’, to plan, to look forward – an opportunity for new opportunities. The old is past, and there is a fresh page on my nice shiny new calendar.  There is a whole new year ahead!

Having worked in roles related to volunteering for over 20 years, I have also come to realise that the New Year is a special time in the world of volunteering too. It’s the time of year when many organisations think about new volunteering roles. It’s also when people start thinking about new year’s resolutions, about changing jobs, about developing skills, about making new friendships, about becoming better people, and generally about doing new things. So, volunteering can spring to mind more readily in the new year than at other times… and rightly so. Volunteering is a fantastic way of both embracing and creating those new opportunities.

So don’t miss out this New Year! If you are looking for a change… or just to build on the old, then get in touch – volunteering is here for you in 2024!

And if you are from an organisation, needing some new volunteers – then get in touch. We would love to help you find just the right person.

Happy New Year all, the Volunteer Centre is ready and waiting to hear from you! 

Liz / Operations Manager

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