K&C Together Week 2024

Kensington & Chelsea Social Council and Young K&C are hosting the annual “K&C Together Week”, a festival of informative, interactive events, panels and sessions running from 30 January until 6 February 2024. The theme of this year is “Amplifying Young Voices for Change”, with the mission to make sure the voices and experiences of local young people are at the heart of Kensington & Chelsea’s non-profit sector.

Through online and in-person sessions, K&C Together Week 2024 will connect the borough’s current and future changemakers with local charities, social enterprises and community groups. So come join in and let’s inspire each other to positive community action and impact.

When: Tuesday 30 January until 6 February 2024

Events And How To Sign Up

Learn more about the events during K&C Togetether Week 2024 by clicking here and about K&C Together Week by clicking here.