Grenfell Updates

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The Principal Contractor for the Grenfell Tower site

As owners of the Grenfell Tower site, the government is responsible for managing the Grenfell Tower site safely and for appointing the necessary contractors and specialists to help them do that.

The existing contract with the on-site contractor for Grenfell Tower is due to expire in June 2021 and work to select and appoint a new principal contractor is now taking place. Their role will be to carry out a range of on-site activities to keep the Tower and the immediate surrounding site safe and secure. These include:

• Monitoring of the Tower and the site 24 hours a day

• Planned safety works, including the removal of heavy, damaged items and asbestos from the Tower

• Installing new ‘props’ (aluminium, weight-bearing supports) to supplement those that were installed shortly after the fire.


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More Updates

Grenfell environmental checks – 20 October’s virtual community event, the Stage 2 design, next steps and soil sampling

An online event took place on 20th October giving residents the opportunity to ask the scientists questions about Stage 2 of the environmental checks & soil sampling around the Grenfell Tower site. Read more


Grenfell environmental checks: Review of combustion-related fire products

This is a systematic and detailed evidence base of combustion-related fire products, which examines studies and evidence on fire chemistry and effluents.  The review will help demonstrate that the specific issue of links between fire effluents and any land contamination that may be found has been adequately considered as part of the land contamination investigation in the vicinity of Grenfell Tower.

The review follows a recommendation from the independent Science Advisory Group (SAG), which is chaired by the Government Chief Scientific Adviser and was undertaken independently by the Universities of Edinburgh and Strathclyde based on their expertise in fire investigation and fire-related environmental contamination. It can be found here.

Sampling will now begin and continue until mid- November.  The initial focus will be on schools as they were keen for the sampling to be carried out during the half term where possible.


Grenfell Tower Safety Works Q&A

If you attended the online Grenfell Tower Safety Works Q&A in July, a summary of the event is now available.

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Grenfell Tower Asbestos Air Quality Monitoring Results

The Health Risk Assessment of asbestos air quality monitoring results are now available. You can read more here.