Grant To Increase Resident Involvement In Emergency Preparedness

To support our work with RBKC in enhancing resident involvement in emergency preparedness and fostering community resilience, we have received a £5,000 grant from the Greater London Authority.

As an organisation, our work is centred around strengthening our community and the people in it, especially when they are involved in design and delivery as volunteers. We firmly believe this entails equipping residents with the skills, resources and connections to prepare for and effectively navigate emergencies. The Volunteer Centre participates in the Borough Resilience Forum and helped to establish the Community Resilience Group, a joint voluntary sector, local authority and NHS body which has been meeting fortnightly since before lockdown to support the coordination of responses to structural challenges like the pandemic, people arriving in the borough fleeing war and persecution, poverty and inequality. In addition to these strategic interventions, the Volunteer Centre makes one-off contributions, such as our CEO Michael and Operations Manager Liz doing a presentation on ‘Volunteering in an Emergency’ to residents at the Council’s resident emergency preparedness workshops in 2023, and involvement in the borough’s most recent emergency preparedness exercise in March.

With this grant, we are excited to be able to fund some of our involvement in this important area of work and to continue fostering a community that is both active and prepared for any challenges ahead.