Council Announces Their Approach To The Grenfell Tower Fire From April 2024

Extending Support Beyond 2024: A New Chapter for Grenfell Recovery is an announcement from the Council regarding their Grenfell Recovery programme that is ending in March 2024 and the approach they intend to take next. They start from the position that the fire has left a lasting impact on many people, and their responsibility to ensure that support is available to those who need it most.

In October, the Council is embarking on a conversation with people who live closest to Grenfell Tower. The announcement states that this will focus on the support that those local people want to see from 2024 to 2028. This new support is, we understand, part of a Restorative Justice programme, with money from a set of companies named in the Public Enquiry, and the Council. 

In the days after the fire the Leader of the Council pledged that the Council would “change fundamentally” and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, based on interviews with local people and organisations, as well as disaster recovery experts, centred “community-led recovery” as essential for those affected by the fire to be able to come to terms with their experiences, and for their lives and neighbourhoods to be better than before the disaster. 

The Council believes the Restorative Justice programme can play a role in making this change. Local people, particularly those affected by the fire, often have very clear views on this, and for those who want those views reflected in this process there are events being run in the area by community development organisations independent of RBKC.

We believe that direct participation in decisions about the allocation of money and other resources are key to the health and wellbeing of any group of people, and this is only more important in a community that was already dealing with poverty and inequality before the fire. Your Volunteer Centre is just one of the local organisations that is ready and able to support you to create the space, and develop the skills, to play a role in making Kensington & Chelsea a healthier, happier place for everyone who lives in it.

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