A Year In Review: Our Wellbeing Programme

As the weather grows colder and we bundle up to keep warm, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year we’ve shared as the Wellbeing Group.

We embarked on some fantastic trips together—To Kew Gardens, where we explored the beautiful grounds, basked in the wonders of nature, stood beneath enormous banana leaves, and savored the calming scent of lavender on our fingertips. At Opera Holland Park, while the rain poured outside, we listened to the orchestra compete with beautiful melodies telling the story of a young boy and his love for science and adventure in ‘Itch.’ We danced together at The Royal Albert Hall’s Tea Dance, our footsteps echoing in the vast red velvet space.

We engaged in fantastic workshops with incredible partners, such as The Shakespeare Workshop with Well Read. Here, we became bold Oberon and Titania in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ building confidence through character immersion. We created images using paints, stamps, and cut-out shapes that represented the feelings of loneliness and togetherness. These paintings were used to craft huge flags displayed at the All in Awe art installation on Egerton Road, bringing communities together through shared experiences. Throughout the year, we created beautiful things together, from pressing summer flowers into vibrant shapes with natural ink to crafting creatures out of clay and making our own Christmas decorations. At the English Conversation workshops, we read poetry together, shared memories that the spoken words brought up, learned from each other, and were inspired to write our own poems. In the Creative Writing workshop from Outside Edge, we began writing our own stories, discovering how three lists about food can evolve into a room full of different stories. And every Wednesday, rain or shine, even in frost, we met to tend to the Garden at the Lancaster West Estate—planting bulbs for the upcoming spring, collecting herbs for residents to enjoy, and sharing a cup of tea in the warm indoors.

None of these amazing experiences would have been as enjoyable without the fantastic volunteers who attended, shared, and created with us. This year, two Star Wellbeing Volunteers shone particularly bright: Our Wonderful Art Workshop Volunteer, who consistently brings new ideas for fun, accessible activities and makes us feel proud and inspired to create alongside her; and Our English Conversation Volunteer, who shared many beautiful poems with us over the last year and always brings his passion for words and their history to the class. We are incredibly grateful for your help this year.

As we thaw out from Christmas, and step into the New Year, we look forward to sharing more exciting opportunities with you, always with welcoming friendly faces and the support to try something new.

Etty / Wellbeing Programme Officer

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