Muna’s Story

My reason for volunteering was to get myself into work after a long time of studying and being a full-time mother. I volunteered with Midaye Somali Development Network, helping non-English-speaking clients with reading, writing letters, translating, and calling organisations on their behalf.

I really like my role; it makes me feel that I am achieving something. I have met different kinds of people in the community, learned new skills, taken on new challenges, and had fun helping others.

I like the fact that Midaye is open to all community members, not only people from the Somali-speaking community. Anyone who needs support and information can just walk in and they are always welcomed. My role is different every day and I really enjoy meeting people with different languages and cultures. In my opinion, the best thing about volunteering is achieving different skills and gaining confidence.

Volunteering has given me the strength to believe in myself, getting involved in something new that I did not think I would be able to be a part of. That was a very big challenge for me. It’s also great to make the clients believe in themselves and give them the opportunity to learn more and join our community and the facilities available to them.

The more we give, the happier we feel. Volunteering increases self-confidence,  by doing good for others and the community. This provides a natural sense of accomplishment and gives volunteers a  sense of pride and identity.

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