Marie’s Story

My volunteering journey started when I left Haiti to make a better life for myself and to make things better for people back home. I was finding it difficult to get a job, so I decided to volunteer. 

I went to see Ola, Head of Employability at the Volunteer Centre, and she recruited me as a volunteer assistant, helping with setting up the job club, assisting clients with CVs, and looking for jobs.

One of the best things about volun­teering was the different people I met from all walks of life. Some just needed a little bit of help, others found it difficult to communicate, or had no work experience at all.

Being with the Volunteer Centre really made me feel of use, as I loved helping people to get jobs and seeing them make the most of themselves. We welcomed everyone and did our best to help them. I still see old clients in the street and they recognise me.

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