Jennifer’s Story

I used to be my mum’s carer, and when she unfortunately died, it left a big void in my life, by not having anyone to occupy my time and to keep me company.  So someone suggested that I volunteer, in order for me to get me out of the flat. I started volunteering nearly 20 years ago for another charity by doing admin in their office, which made me feel needed again. As I used to be employed in an office, it felt like old times, and I felt part of the work force again. I’m still there, and during that time, I’ve volunteered at other organisations as well, including the Volunteer Centre.  

Volunteering gives me motivation to get out of the flat, as I don’t go out much, it takes my mind off my troubles, and I can leave them at home while I’m out!   I have attended various training workshops organised by the Volunteer Centre, and received training and gained experience in different computer applications and other office procedures. The Volunteer Centre has also provided me with a telephone befriender during lockdown who phones me once a week, of which I am grateful, as some weeks, she is the only person who I speak to. Therefore, her phone call reduces isolation for me. 

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