Jaime’s Story

I am currently volunteering as a Translator and Tutor with NPH UK and have been doing so for the last two years. As a translator, I help sponsors communicate with the children which they are supporting financially, by translating from Spanish to English. As a tutor, I give online maths lessons to the children who need help with maths in a school in Mexico.

I decided to volunteer because I think everyone deserves to have a good education and I want to help people do better in life; tutoring them is one of the best ways I can accomplish this goal.

I find extremely gratifying to tutor the kids, as I feel I am actually making an impact on their lives by teaching them maths.

The best thing about volunteering is I love it when they grasp a topic they didn’t understand before, this shows that I may actually be making a difference and it is a very rewarding experience.

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