Glenda’s Story

Having been out of work following a road traffic accident, I wanted to use my existing skills, acquire new skills and – most importantly – regain the confidence I had lost through becoming a disabled person as a result of the accident.

I started as a volunteer receptionist at Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea and now I facilitate our Happy Group, a social group which celebrates the positive things in life. This came out of our PEG, peer support and counselling group. Members said that they wanted to celebrate the positive side of life, as well as talk through their problems (something which we, as disabled people, often don’t get a chance to do).

Working with the members and seeing the way in which everyone is blossoming, going out and sharing their positive experiences, I feel as if ADKC is my second home. Coming through the door, I always feel welcomed and supported, listened to and valued.

I like volunteering because it makes me forget about everything else and I feel empowered. And it’s fun! It’s helped me to grow in confidence. I feel like I’m somebody, a valued member of the organisation. We are all equals here. Like a family.

I’d highly recommend volunteering to everyone. It could benefit anyone and lead into other things. I have acquired a paid job as a result of my volunteering, and I still volunteer.

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