Alicia’s Story

I started volunteering because I didn’t want to feel lonely and I also like to help people. I wanted to do something rewarding and volunteering is a lovely way of spending your time, fulfilling your needs and feeling good about yourself.

My role is with the Friends and Neighbours Project, taking elderly people out for walks every Friday, and I also teach Spanish on Wednesdays. Both of my roles help to reduce isolation. What I like best about volunteering is feeling good because I am helping people, making friends, going out visiting nice places and having someone to talk to. My clients are older than me, so I’m always learning something new from them. They are great fun to be with, extremely warm and we have a nice group. We laugh all the time and I look forward to seeing them. They feel like family to me.

It’s a fun environment – it has to be. You’re giving your time so it should be something you enjoy. I really like volunteering with Age UK because they give you options. If you’re not happy in your role, they are open to moving you and you have the opportunity to try something new. I am well looked after and I always feel appreciated for what I do. Volunteering has made a huge difference to my life. I feel more alive, have a purpose, something to look forward to and a great way to fill my days.

I hope what I do makes people feel less isolated. I hope it makes their day. I will always recommend volunteering. People should go out there and try it for themselves. There’s so much they can do and helping people is the best feeling. It’s great!

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