Alan's Story

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“I was unemployed for a long period of time so my advisor at the Job Centre recommended that I seek help from the Volunteer Centre.

Following my meeting with my advisor I went to the  Volunteer  Centre  and  had  a  meeting  with  a  volunteer  coordinator.  I  explained  my situation  and  we  then  agreed  that  in  order  to  improve  my  chances  of  finding  long  term employment  I  needed  to  gain  office  skills  and  work experience  in  order  to  boost  my confidence and build my CV.

I was then advised to apply for a reception role at the Volunteer Centre, which I was offered after a successful interview.  Before  starting  my  placement,  I  was  given  a  quick  induction  and  trained  to  use  the  central database.

 My  role  at  reception  involved  meeting  and  greeting  people,  making  telephone calls,   registering   new   volunteers   and   doing   other   administrative   tasks.   Through   the placement  I  gained  confidence,  communication  skills  and  administrative  skills.    I also improved my IT skills by helping design a database for one of VCKC’s projects. 

In March I applied for a job in hospitality - and I got the job! I believe it is thanks to the help of the Volunteer Centre and the volunteering opportunity they gave me that I was able to find a paid job.”