Rossana Rocchini


I have been co-opted as a Trustee at the Volunteer Centre in September 2020 after observing a couple of board meetings and meeting a few of the other trustees and members of staff. Despite joining during the pandemic and before having the opportunity to visit the centre or meeting anyone in person, I have been impressed by the kindness, professionalism and organisation of the team and the Board of Trustees.


This is my first experience as a Trustee on the Board of a charity and already I feel that I have learned very much. I look forward to being able to work alongside the staff and the other members to provide support to the Centre so that it may continue to offer the valued services to the community in the borough.


As a Global Chartered Management Accountant with 20+ years-experience, I have always worked in the corporate environment and for Fortune 100 corporations. In 2019, I have decided to leave Coca-Cola after working there for 16 years in various finance capacities and in various countries around the world and relocate to London from Copenhagen, Denmark.


At the same time, I decided to dedicate part of my time to giving back to a world that had given me so much and so I am now on the Board as Treasurer of the VCKC and another organisation in London, as well as doing other volunteering activities in my neighbourhood.  


Originally from Italy, I have had the good fortune to live and work in London, Atlanta in the US, Yangon in Myanmar, and Copenhagen, Denmark.  I enjoy traveling around the world with my husband, exercising, reading, and I am a self-described “podcast junkie”.