Michael Pearson

Board Member

I became a trustee of the Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea in 2011 with the objective of supporting the local community in the borough where I have lived for over 20 years.

As an experienced business consultant, and with training in corporate governance, I felt that I could make the best use of my experience to bear as a trustee.

The voluntary sector faces significant challenges in the current economic environment and working with the Volunteer Centre is a real opportunity to help make a difference. I have a professional background in business strategy and planning, and I am currently working as a consultant in financial services, which takes me across Europe as well as several African countries.

I find the experience of working in different countries and with different cultures to be both interesting and exciting, even if it is sometimes very challenging. My work has also shown me the real benefits of a sound strategy and rigorous planning, wherever you are and whatever type of business you are in.

My other interests when I am not busy travelling on business or for pleasure are golf, skiing, film and theatre, together with some occasional gardening.