Joseph Carim

Board Member

I first came across the work of the Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea when I was invited to participate on the Committee of one of its pilot projects called the City Skill Exchange. This was a potentially valuable programme which provided exciting volunteering opportunities for senior executives and professionals.

Although I am new to volunteering, during my career in the City I had often considered taking an active role in the voluntary sector and once I had met the volunteers and Trustees at the Volunteer Centre, I was very keen to translate this idea into practice.

Initially, I attended a Board meeting as an observer and I was delighted to see how professionally the Volunteer Centre's operations are organised and how seriously the other Trustees take their responsibilities. I also visited local charities and not for profit organisations in the Royal Borough, finding out about their work, their priorities and their concerns.

These visits demonstrated how important the work of the Volunteer Centre is within Kensington & Chelsea. This has been an interesting time to join the Volunteer Centre’s Board given the recent deterioration in the economic climate, the coalition government's proposed financial constraints and the likely effect upon the charities within the Royal Borough.

I hope that being a Trustee will enable me to use the skills and experience that I have cultivated throughout my career to help sustain and develop the Volunteer Centre's operations through the difficult times that lay ahead.