Gail Le Coz

Board Member

I have been a Trustee at the Volunteer Centre since January 2011.

Whilst trying to figure out where and how I could volunteer in our local community, I came across the Volunteer Centre’s website. I was quite impressed by the services that the Volunteer Centre provides for the borough and decided that I wanted to help out.

Although my background is in financial services, mainly in asset management and investment banking, when I joined the board I had been running a not-for-profit membership association for nearly two years. Whenever possible, I try to apply my experiences in working with this association and being a member of its board to the Volunteer Centre.

My relationship with volunteering has gone up and down over the years, mainly as a result of moving house. When I lived in New York City, I mainly volunteered with students, including mentoring high school students and working to get underprivileged students to college.

My volunteering took a hiatus when I was in France, but once I moved to London I began helping raise funds for charities. As much of this activity had an impact outside of the UK, I decided it would also be good to volunteer locally.

Working with the other Trustees and having the chance to see the energy and enthusiasm of the Volunteer Centre staff has been a terrific experience so far. This may be a difficult time for the voluntary sector as a whole, but you really have the sense that everyone is pulling together to try to make it work.