Neil's Story

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When Neil first contacted InsideOut, he had just lost his job in construction due to COVID-19. 


As an ex-offender, he thought he would struggle to find work and was in a bad way. This all changed when he contacted InsideOut, our project offering support to men and women in custody and also ex-offenders.


Jason, the project coordinator, helped him to update his CV and found top construction agencies in London he could register with. Within a week, Neil had secured employment as a site labourer and is now settled in his new role. He still remains in regular contact with InsideOut.


“I still require support in some areas but am really grateful for the conversations and practical support that I have received from Jason.   

The only other person who I get to talk to is my Therapist. It is difficult for me being so isolated and I don’t know how I would have managed without InsideOut being available for me at this time”.


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If you are on licence, probation or have a criminal record, InsideOut can help with a wide range of services.

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