Bottle Cap Collection Volunteer
1 Thorpe Close, Ladbroke Grove

ACAVA, the Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art, is an educational charity, which develops and delivers a wide range of educational initiatives, aiming to promote the development of visual skills in relation to school and university curricula.
As part of the FLOURISH programme, local artist Tomoni Yoshida will work with North Kensington families to create a bottle top mural outside Maxilla Studios in North Kensington, however we need your help to collect 35,000 caps before this can take place.
We have asked cafes in Portobello and Westfield (London) to save their plastic caps and we need volunteers to collect them each week. With plenty of volunteers this will mean each person only has to make a couple of trips between now and July.
You can begin saving all the (plastic) caps you have at home or at work; milk caps, juice, spread peanut butter caps - any size and any cap that is made from plastic.

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