Community Champions

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The aim of this project is to bring together volunteers and local residents from the Lancaster West and Silchester estates in the Notting Dale Ward; to help build the capacity of local estates, neighbourhoods and individuals to meet their health and social care needs.

Volunteer led, the Community Champions programme is commissioned by three borough’s public health departments and aims to bring volunteers and local people together to build stronger communities and local services.

After an initial health survey of local residents; the Community Champions evaluate the results and from there create needs based workshops, trainings and events based on the information received.

These involve; awareness campaigns over certain health issues, including mental health, as well as; promoting heathly eating and exercise, promoting public health campaigns and signposting residents to relevant local services.

This programme seeks to develop effective solutions for local areas, by giving residents and communities the tools and resources to identify local issues and come up with their own solutions.


Could you be a Community Champion?

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our new programme.

If you have an interest in health and wellbeing and a passion for helping local people we would love to hear from you!

The Community Champion's role is to:

Contact the community -  through friends and family, meeting local community groups or even setting up a group of your own

Listen to people - find out residents' health and social care needs; including, healthy eating, exercise, mental health and wellbeing

Carry out community outreach - provide a presence within the Notting Dale ward through participating in local events and fairs

Signpost residents - make relevant referrals and inform people of the local services available

Provide feedback to service providers - use the information you've collected to influence local service providers including the NHS, local council and neighbourhood forums

Organise events & campaigns - to raise awareness and collect information surrounding health issues in your local area


Application Form

You can download the Community Champions application form here


If you would like more information about the project, please contact the Programme Manager, Carrie Hirst:


Call 0208 960 3722.