Camilla Cerrone

InsideOut Coordinator

I joined the Volunteer Centre's family on January 2018 as the InsideOut Project coordinator. My role is to support ex-offenders' resettlement in the community offering appropriate volunteering opportunities. 

My passion for the Criminal Justice system started at university while I was studying Psychology. Following my interests, I completed my education last year with a Master in Forensic Psychology. While I was studying, I decided to engage in volunteering and become a mentor for ex-offenders. It led me to have a deep understanding of the needs and barriers that offenders face in the community. I also volunteered in a Safe House with vulnerable women victims of Prostitution and Human trafficking. Supporting these women made me understand about victimization and its consequences on people. Both these experiences opened my eyes and lit in me the interest to give back to the community. Being part of the Volunteer Centre is allowing me to do so and I feel very lucky to share my enthusiasm and determination with the community.